Why Book A Newborn Photographer?

When is the best time to book a newborn session with From Lizzy With Love Photography? This probably isn't the first thing you actually think of when you first find out that you are pregnant! I remember when I was pregnant with my first child almost 21 years ago, every stage was full of more questions, and I worried if I was eating the right/wrong things, was I drinking enough water, getting enough exercise, and not forgetting the seemingly endless list of equipment for the baby! Then worrying what the birth would be like. This was all at the tender age of 21.

So if you’re pregnant but booking a newborn session but it's probably far down the list of things to do and think about...but it's probably one of the easiest things to sort out and book.

We all know that searching for something like this can take time, and finding the right newborn baby photographer who is right for you. But don't leave it too late!

What to think about when choosing your newborn photography studio

Look at the photographers portfolio, do you like their style?

Most photographers will have a website with a portfolio of a lot of their favourite previous work, look for a studio who has been going a while and who has had training. Safety is a very important, they need to correctly and safely handle your newborn. There is a massive industry of newborn photography and those that photograph babies in some poses, like the froggy pose for example...they will know exactly how to do this... The Froggy pose is a 2 step process where 2 photographs are taken and then edited into one photo in Photoshop. Do not be afraid to ask any photographer about their experiences and what training. they have undertaken.

At what age does the photographer recommend photographing your baby?

We like to photograph babies when they are around one week old. This is great as the baby is very much so curly and are able to reach any newborn pose that we do. But we also love photographing older newborn babies as we will get a more varied session or awake images and sleeping images.

Make sure you are aware of the cost of the session

Preparing for a baby’s arrival in the world is a costly business! But we have heard so many times that client's are gutted that they didn't get their baby's photos done when they were newborn, as quite frankly, they are only really newborn so such a short time. We believe in you pay for what you get and quality over quantity is more important. I know for a fact that I would rather have 10 stunning images of my newborn baby over 100 ok images, the ok images that will probably sit in a draw somewhere and never come out. So 10 amazingly beautiful and professional images that you will want to display all over your home. As quality is everything. So paying that bit extra for this is a none brainer to us.

So when is the best time during your pregnancy to book the session?

We say that once you have had your 20 week scan, then research and choose your photographer and pay the deposit, our deposit is just £99 (which then gets deducted from your final order at your viewing session)

A lot of people are madly rushed after they have had their baby, to find a photographer, so not as much care goes into choosing the correct photographer for you.

We always manage to fit in any people who have left it to the last minute! So don't worry too much, but have a good think at what's best for you while making the decision.

What happens after your photography session?

Make sure you ask what happens after the session! How long until you can come back to view your images? We make another appointment for a week after so you can come back to see them on a HD screen and choose your package and any add on's. We offer stunning wall art and photobooks.

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