Older Newborn Photoshoots!

Having a newborn baby is a big rollercoaster ride of new experiences and emotions! Those early days can pass so fast... and before you know it your baby is becoming more alert, even smiling! With newborn photography, we say to get your newborn blessing in before they hit around 3-4 weeks. This is because during the first few weeks, they are more likely to easily be posed in those classic newborn out of the womb poses. They are less alert and more likely to sleep throughout. BUT, it isn't always possible to get them into the studio that fast for various reasons. But don't worry!

Mums start to think about a newborn photoshoot at this stage, but often find that they’ve passed the ‘ideal window’ for posed newborn photos when your baby is more sleepy and naturally likes to curl up in the fetal position.

Our older newborn sessions mean that you don’t have to miss out on this precious time, even if they are one month old babies or even 4 months! Older newborns we find, settle better sometimes over fresh under two week newborns. We have our ways to still pose them like they were a couple of weeks old when they aren't. Capturing a beautiful set of baby and family pictures to freeze this special moment in time....because we often forget how small they were!

We have photographed many older newborns...and with COVID-19 and lockdown, we have had an increased amount of "Older newborn photoshoots" These sessions, we allow the usual up to 4 hours studio time. So these are not rushed.

Here are a couple of older babies we have photographed...

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