Introducing The New Mini Newborn Sessions

Mini Newborn Sessions are for people who want some beautiful images of their baby under 6 weeks old, in a shorter session. These are great value and are perfect for you if you are sticking to a budget or don't have the time needed for a full newborn session.

When we do our regular full newborn sessions we have the luxury of time to create many different set-ups and ideas, using different props, backdrops and changes. Also we have plenty of time to feed and settle baby, and ideally getting them to sleep. We need to wait for that deep sleep to achieve those womb like poses which everyone loves!

A newborn mini session will last up to 1 hour only. During the 1 hour mini, we will set up mainly props and wrapped posing. The baby is always wrapped and/or awake.

During a one hour mini session, the photos may be sleepy images, or they could be all awake images, it just depends on each baby. We will photograph what your baby is doing in that time. Of course, if baby is very unsettled, we’ll wait until they are calm again.

These mini sessions only include wrapped and prop images and do not cover family and sibling images. These are all about the baby! We highly recommend a full newborn shoot as we have lots more time to get sleepy wrapped up womb poses and include family and sigling images.